Kirkland, WA, United States

Text Data Collection English (US)

1-1 Years
$4 - $24 Hourly
Estimated Annual Salary: $8,320 - $49,920

Job description

Become a part of the real-world conversations that will transform how chatbots interact. Join Project CHUR to enhance chat agent responses! We need people from the US who can interact with various chatbots on different websites.


Data collected for this project will be used to train machines to support the enhancement of customer support platforms. Your input will shape the future of chatbot technology!


If you are selected, you will receive a link to our tool to upload the conversations.


Role : Text Data Collection English (US)

Experience : 1-1 Years

Location : Kirkland

Qualification And Skills

Skill : Data Entry, Data Collection, Chat


-Fluent in English / Can communicate well over chat

-Has experience in using the chatbot feature of a website

-Can submit 6 conversations.

-A laptop/desktop computer to do the task

Companensation And Additional Benefits Offered

The task pay rate is $4. To earn the pay rate, your submission must pass our quality-checking phase according to the instructions provided to you. The pay rate is paid for each accepted conversation, which means in total you could earn 6 times this pay rate if you do the whole project according to our requirements. Note that you need to submit 6 conversations completely to be eligible for payment.

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